Monday, August 30, 2010

Anyone still read this?

I figured this was pretty dead, but just remembered it thanks to a friend starting a blog.

If people still read, I can start actively blogging again.
Life has been busy though.

Bought a new DSLR camera that takes HD video and loving it.
Purchased all of my DJ equipment. My apartment is better equipped than most major clubs in the world.
Due to this, my neighbor has made noise complaints at VERY early times with RUDE letters (in Japanese). Because of this, my manager got me a new apartment and I will move at the end of September!
I will DJ 2 events in one night in Nagoya on October 30th with Shane, my music brother and DJ partner!

This is pretty much it in a nutshell, but if there are more than 5 unique people requesting I update this by the end of this week, I will continue to do so.


Eric said...

Your link is on my site and thats how I know you've updated your blog. So yes you have one reader here! See you soon Tommy. Can't wait to see you and your GF. Have a safe flight man.

Anonymous said...

I'm just some random guy from op9 but I read your blog when I'm bored so I'm interested in updates. what kind of music have you been spinning recently?

zet said...

Old BTer here. What happened to the video blogging? You posted a few then they just stopped.

Anonymous said...

i'm also still reading this site..
been reading it for some time, over 1 year now
so please update when u can

8-bit+ said...

I guess this makes 5, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the cool pictures. Keep it up man.

Anonymous said...

Aww Crap, I guess Im number 6
Please Update it...

Moltar said...

And I stop by from time to time as well. :) Wife is from Nagoya, started reading your blog when you were livin' in Nagoya. Miss lurking in the OP9 forums though.

Zen said...

1. she is hot,
2. Not a girl friend, if she has a kid, she's your woman
3. She is hot.
4. Glad you are happy, rock on!