Thursday, April 30, 2009

Golden Week is upon me!

And I have zero plans!

The last weekend was eventful...

I DJed my last show with my whole DJ crew (I have one with just Shane, and one with just me and my favorite Japanese DJ crew here in Nagoya!) and it was a great vibe, but it was ruined by people who thought it would be a great idea to tell my most recent ex (I can NOT ever get a good girl for me! They are great girls, just not for me. Probably because I am bad?) that I had a new girl (the girl is not my girlfriend yet, but I went on a first date with her the day after breaking up with the ex, and one thing led to another and...). This left me with people coming up left and right telling me my ex was bitching about me and saying I am horrible person. A huge 100% downer on such a great night. I walked to the station alone after we DJed just reflecting on the situation, because I now have an ex who thinks I cheated on her, and friends I can't trust.

The same day, after going home to sleep, I went to watch Shane DJ at a Happy Hardcore event. That brought back memories! I also got the Storm Trooper Hoodie I wish I had for my event! A day late!

Shane started and finished early and we hung out a bit, but then I caught an early train home, came home and slept for the only day of work I had this week.

We all went to Sakae's Hub (normal drinking spot for many people) and just relaxed and thought of our upcomming vacation.

Which led to yesterday and the great plan of sitting on my butt (stomach?) and playing video games all day.

I have a date today with a 23 year old girl who does black hair styles, so it will be interesting to see how this goes...

Monday, April 13, 2009

A new mix I did!

I usually keep my music on my other blog, but I am damn proud of this mix!

Please check it out and comment!

I have a lot of events coming up! If you are in Nagoya, contact me and I will give ya the 411!

T-Atoms' Mild Electro Mix

Life got the best of me! But I am posting!

Man oh man! I will give a cliff note version of last weekend and this most recent weekend!

4/4/09 Bought a new flash for my DSLR
Did farewell party for my manager
DJed an event, where my whole school staff went to, drunk, and had a blast.
Partied till 6AM, took train home, checked email, showered went to meet my student to go to her temple (mind you, I haven't slept yet).
Total time in transportation and at the temple was about 10 hours.
Went home, changed into casual clothes to go to my friend's farewell party, where we had all we can drink. I drank WAY too much! This was followed up with clubbing until morning.
Got home, slept until 9am, went to dentist. Then spent a day at Inuyama and Meiji Mura with my girlfriend (as of yesterday ex. Loooong story, don't worry about it though) and her parents who were visiting from California! Finished with all you can eat shabu shabu.
Went home and slept...

This last weekend was lax. I went out drinking with friends. One of our friends has a classmate new to Japan, so we took him out.
Next day was mixing some songs together for a mix CD for an event coming up.

Which leads me to now! About to go meet with someone to work on their website for their restaraunt! Money money money!