Thursday, June 29, 2006

Had my last day at work, day before my birthday, and a week to board the plane!

Wow, it is starting to hit me finally.

Yesterday was my last day at JoshuaCasey and we all went out to D&B for some food and drinks! It was awesome fun! Got a little buzzed, ate some good food, took some pics with people I may never see again, played some games, all together a great night.

Now I have business to take care of before I go. Gotta fix then sell the 240. Gotta buy some casual clothes and thermals. Gotta make a Costco run to stock up on hygeine stuff. Would be nice to start packing and get some things shipped over. The website is almost done, and I am hoping to finish it this weekend. That money is SOOO needed now, because I severely mismanaged myself with all of these going away parties.

Next week I get to go do fondue for my second time, I love that stuff! Will probably kick it with some friends on the 4th, then go see Pirates of the Caribbean with some friends and strangers. I am just amazed at how awesome the people I meet are, and will definitely be missing them on my way to Japan. I have been shown such a good time in the past 2 months, I will definitely have a sensation of missing something now, and someone...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

1 more month!!! OHHHH MAN!

1 Month from today, I board a Northwest Airlines flight from LAX to Narita, then to Nagoya Chubu Centrair Intl airport to my new home! I will be living on my own for the first time away from my mom and grandma, who I will miss the most over anyone while in Japan! My good friends and acquaintances will all be missed to different degrees too!

3 weeks from today I leave my friends, wait, "FAMILY" at JoshuaCasey corporate training!

And soon I need to put my car up for sale. This thing cost me a girlfriend, so I am gonna sell it for a profit. If anyone knows anyone who wants a manual 1995 240SX, base model, stock minus an Injen intake and suspension (lowered, not cut springs) for $5,500, holla at me. It has 144,000 miles on it, NEARLY spotless exterior, excellent paint job, with age dings on it, interior is a bit un-perfect as far as the cloth is concerned, but nothing some soap and water can't fix. Has an aftermarket stereo head unit with CD player. AC blows cold, gears shift great, perfect start for someone wanting to build a drift car (this is the best car for it in my opinion because of the light weight). Remember who to get in touch with if you want it.

Damn a month to go... So much to do, so much I have done. Bought 3 more suits and some nice shoes in Hollywood from a wholesaler this weekend, which makes all trip related purchases DONE! I have to write my new employer a letter introducing myself which I will do tonight, pick up my work visa from the Japanese consulate in Los Angeles tomorrow, and continue to party and kick it with the true homies before I go. Thanks to Norm, I will be going to the Hollywood bowl with him, Eric and Esther on June 23rd to see Santana and the Blue Man Group, sounds like fun, but the most important part will be time with the homies! I think I need to start packing for the move, I think I have no clue what to bring besides the obvious, and am scared I will forget something important when it is too late. But time will get me in order for the packing project. All I know is I am bringing my 100+ DVDs, Xbox360, laptop, guitar, ipod, camera and camcorder. I know I am missing something else that is NECESARY!

It kinda sucks cuz now that I am leaving I have had a chance to hang with Kelly and her friends, Tim and his family, plus old school friends, plus a few new ones, and I have been having too much fun drinking and partying with you all, you guys are giving me something to miss while in Japan!

The last ending before I go will be me leaving my company of 4 years in 3 weeks. Wow... Although I hate everyone at different times of the year, I love everyone there at the end of the day, well not EVERY day. There are great days and horrible days at the blame of everyone, myself included, but the office personality is unlike NO OTHER, I swear! We are WAY too comfortable with each other there, and I KNOW things won't be 10% of the fun I have had at JoshuaCasey while in Japan, it will be TOO conservative there, plus my favorite fellow Liberal-Democrat Kelly won't be around! Who am I gonna hate Bush and co. with while in Japan? I KNOW I won't find a freestyle rap partner, fellow retard imitator, hot girl spotter, gas war vet like Eric in Japan. Who can I spit Spanish to like I do with Rogelio? Who will I torment and make laugh at the SAME TIME like Christy? Who will shout "TOMMY!!!" when they need help, only to have me solve it in under a minute like Cari and Margie? Wait, and Kelly, Christy, Rogelio, Eric...YOU GUYS ARE SCREWED! JK! It is funny because this is the second time I have left the company, just this time, is definitely permanent, and I am not going from them in Anaheim, to Interplay in Irvine, no quick phone calls to fix computer problems anymore.

I am going to TRY to buy a Ventrilo server to keep in touch with any friends who wanna talk to me whenever we are online at the same time for free via our computers. I will send out a bulletin if that happens.

To top it all off, I will be starting ANOTHER website soon, let's see if I can get that done before I leave...I am a glutton for punishment I swear! It wont stop me from partying more though, I promise!