Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wow this thing is still here? ANNOUNCEMENT!

This will be short and sweet.

Life has been bad since coming back.

My grandmother passed in May...
Got a decent job teaching, and was forced to quit in June, when a class was taken from me.
Been screwed over for my work a few times. I came back too trusting, and people used that.

On to the good news, and it fits with my last post.

I had regrets about leaving Japan and wasn't sure if I should. I shouldn't have, so I am going back. By the end of September, I will be back to work and live there. Have a job brewing and will update with the results when I hear about it. But only if I get at least 2 people who even want to hear the results. If not, I start a new blog when I get back to Japan.