Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's been a while...

Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been busy!

Since the beginning of the year, I have been saving for DJ equipment, and I am now 2/3 done with my CDJ set up. (I got a DJM700 mixer, and a new CDJ900. Saving for a CDJ2000 now).

I went to Nagoya, my old home last weekend, to play football and BBQ, but I missed the football game because I went to the conbini with 2 friends! That was a quick game!

Coming up, this weekend, a friend I met on Outpost 9 is coming up to Tokyo to meet up (for the first time) and we will go eat shabu shabu with one of his friends. Should be a good time!

I will try to update with a video blog or something as soon as possible!

SORRY FOR THE DELAY, if ANYONE even still reads this...

Does anyone?



Anonymous said...

Haha yes I think there are some of us left reading this. I was wondering where you had gone. Grats on your (new) girl, she's a cutie.

8-bit+ said...

Hey, good to see you posting again. Dj equip is looking good. I actually visited Yokohama a while ago, nice place indeed.

zet said...

I've been reading since the old BT days (before Zurui ruined the site). I still pop in from time to time to see what up.

The Wii is the background is a nice touch. Its nice to see someone giving the Wii some love.

Anonymous said...

keep the updates coming tommy
nice gf

Nemy said...

You're still on my blogroll!...Good to see you're doing your thing!