Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Drinking and bowling with most of the training crew, friends, and Sayaka.

And damn did we have fun (well I know Sayaka and I did!)

The plan was to meet at Hard Rock Cafe at 5:30, but Sayaka and I were really bad at keeping track of time and we got there about 6PM. When we got there Atsushi and Chris were at one table, while Neil, Becky, and Laura were at another. We were later joined by Matteo and Elspeth once we got a table area set for all of us (thanks to Sayaka!).

We all got our drinks and just sat and chatted about our almost year in Japan. Lots of us have lost weight, or shoe size and leg length in Laura's case (how in the hell?), but it felt just like the first night we ever hung out.

Damage wise, I had 2 hypnotiq ice teas, and a bahama mama that I shared with Sayaka. Ate an order of potato skins and a big ass sundae!

Also someone told HRC it was my birthday, so I got a balloon and a picture (which is the most molester picture I have taken, EVER!). But it wasn't over yet, oh NO! I had to get up on stage and dance! I faked being shy for a few seconds, then ran up on the stage. Usually it is YMCA, which I woulda been down to do, but I had no idea what was going on, and gave a half assed dance towards the end, while the rest of the time was hamming it up for the cameras.

After drinking and eating we went bowling. Sayaka and I left first because she needed to go buy socks, and we went to Shop 99, not knowing they sold socks at the alley. We met with the others and did 2 games of bowling, with people rushing to catch last train, and leaving before their games ended (one without his camera!)

Sayaka, @chan and I walked to the station in the rain and her and I eventually made it home safe. Overall, a good night for all!

Friday, June 15, 2007

She goes on one more trip and then she is MINE!

So Sayaka embarks on the last (and second shortest) trip of hers before she is in Japan for good (until we go to Cali in October).

She has pretty much officially moved in and life has been great since. We have so much fun cooking and hanging out for lunch or on the weekends and I can't wait until she is back for good to do more of that!

The other day we went to surprise her friend at her store and she took this pic of us. I REALLY like it because it shows how cute she REALLY REALLY is! (She is more than just cute on the outside, for the first time I have the combination of inside and out!)

Anyways, check it and some other pics!

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm going going, back back, to Cali Cali!!!

This was news discovered a couple weeks ago, but I gotta share it.

I was invited to be my best friend's (since 2nd grade, and we have never had any arguments or disagreements, always been cool)best man for his wedding. Shortly after I moved to Japan, he moved to Colorado, and I thought the wedding would be in Colorado.

A couple weeks ago I am talking with Mark over Xbox Live, and he says he has to go to California to take care of things for the wedding. I ask why, since the wedding is in Colorado. He quickly teaches me that it is actually in California, and rejoice comes over me. I told Sayaka that I would take her to the wedding and we were excited to go to Colorado, but I was gonna find a way to do California for a day or two. Now we can be in Cali for a week, almost exactly (say bye bye to my vacation days!).
I will make my first return home since I came to Japan this October! Watch out!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My dad's surgery went well. Now we wait.

His biopsy results come back on Wednesday (US time) and I will call then to see what is up with them. The doctor said the surgery was successful and everything looks great right now. My dad is waiting for the anestesia to wear off, as he can't move his legs now because he got a spinal.

I just hope he doesn't take out his own catheder like he did last time...

Good job dad!