Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So it begins!

I was asked by someone making some car oriented videos to use one of my songs on my MySpace page. I wont get paid, but I will get some exposure.

Of course I said yes!

Once he puts the video up and online, I will put a link to it!

Plus, today I went shopping and bought 2 new Bathing Ape items!

Some new shoes, and a reversible shirt!

What do ya think?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last day of work before Golden Week Vacation!

Yes in an hour I will be leaving to work, to teach 7 classes, before I begin 9 days of LAZINESS!!!

I have been soo busy lately that I want to just lay back and be Tommy!

Sayaka has only 3 days off during this time, so her, her mom and I will go to Disneyland, and the day we return, I go to a Gildas and Masaya show in Shin Sakae Machi.

Between Tomorrow and then? I will be sleeping a lot, playing a lot of video games I have neglected, and just being lazy and useless to society.

I deserve it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a busy weekend!

Yeah like you have never heard that before!

Well here it is another busy weekend on my side of the world.

Saturday, after such a busy day at work, we all went to my coworker Eriko's wedding party! I love Japanese wedding parties because there are games and chances to win prizes! This one was extra fun because Krystin and I were the only foreigners there, so we got to be circus monkeys in a confined space, unlike in the wild like a regular day in Japan. The party location was amazing and Eriko looked great in her wedding dress, and her husband looks like a really cool guy (they are now the Nekoda family. Neko as in cat!) One of the games had everyone get into teams based on the number on our name tags. Manager and I were the only ones to go up and do it, as the others were too shy. I was on team 10 and manager team 9. On my team, was only one girl who spoke English, so I had to try my best to communicate in Japanese. The first game saw us having to go up and do a speech to the bride and groom. Well I was partnered with a girl who spoke no English and thought it was hilarious that I panicked when I was handed the mic. When I tried giving it to her, she hid behind me and I was stuck in front of the married couple, not knowing what to do or say. EVERYONE got a laugh at that, I guess even me! Next was imitating someone famous to make the couple laugh. A guy on my team and I were going to do Oriental Radio (Japanese comedians) but when they got to our number, they skipped us and started voting for the winner! We were sad because we kept practicing in line, which was great because we had kind of an audience watching and laughing at us. My partner who spoke NO English was bummed he didn't get to do a short team comedy with me, so we promised no matter what, we would go up and do our skit no matter what the game was. Unfortunately, that was the last team game and we didn'[t get to make fools of ourselves... Regardless, the food was great, dessert was lots of fruit with white chocolate, chocolate, and green tea fondue! Let's just say I ate a LOT of that! Plus Manager and I were drinking a lot and we made some awkward hoots and hollers after the bride and groom kissed. A great night!

The next morning, yesterday, we got up early and headed for Toyota to have a BBQ at a park. The weather was perfect as we all cooked and drank under the trees. The park was filled with soo many people, and there were a lot of kids running around too. Sooo much fun! After that, we went to Uniqlo and I bought 2 new shirts and a pair of clear lens glasses. We made it home and Sayaka did Billy's Boot Camp, while I made some music.

Speaking of music, the band wants to have a 4 song demo, and I have been working on the music for said 4 songs. Well as of today, 3 of the 4 songs are DONE! I feel like I can kinda relax a bit, but I LOVE making music and relaxing is the last thing on my mind!

I will eventually share the music we make once we are ready, but until then, check out pics of the wedding and the BBQ!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from Tiesto, and TIRED!

I don't want to go to work today...

So what an amazing experience. Everything that led up to it, and followed it, all add to the experience!

Started off with a bad, busy day at work! Taught 8 classes, with an hour lunch in between, which I spent rushing home to get my bus ticket I left at home (made more difficult due to train delay!). Anyways, work ended and I rushed to the nearest station with a shinkansen (bullet train) to get to Tokyo.

Now there are 3 types of shinkansen in Japan, and I found the time for the fastest at 8:30PM. My watch was set fast and it was about to be 8:30 and I heard the sound for the doors about to close, so I jumped in thinking I was safe. The train started, and I noticed the Japanese saying I was on the slowest of the 3 trains! The fastest takes 1.5 hours to Tokyo from where I live, the next just under 2 hours, mine 3 hours 15 minutes, which put me in Tokyo 30 minutes after the concert started!

Before I got to Tokyo, there was a stop at Yokohama station and it was POURING with rain! I was definitely not prepared for rain. So I text my friends who said they would still wait for me, and none of them had brellas, kinda screwed now. We took the train to Shin Kiba, where the club is, that Tiesto would perform at, and when we got there there were at least 40 people waiting in the station for taxis, or thinking of walking to the club. We ran to the side and got a taxi ride for pretty cheap, but were shocked at what we saw when we got to the club!

After we got dropped off we see a LOOOOOOOOOONG line to get in! By now it is 30 minutes after the concert started. So we get in line, in the pouring rain, no umbrellas, for 2 hours! We started getting sick of being rained on, so my friends asked me to start asking girls with umbrellas to cut in line so we can share umbrellas. We finally found 2 girls with 4 guy friends, all with umbrellas and let them exchange freedom from the rain, for a place in line next to us. The next hour became a hilarious exchange of bad Japanese and English, and chanting "Tiesto" and such other things.

We were told that we would be checked for cameras, so I decided to throw my camera into my bag, and throw that into a locker. When we finally got in, I was amazed at the size of the club. It says it can house 6,000 people, I think it can do 8,000 easily...We all had to get drinks, so we hit up the bar, complete with pole dancers at every corner doing their thing, and enter the main dance hall area, which was massive. We found a good spot kind of in the middle and just began having fun. After a while we had a crew of new friends who were all dancing like crazy. After about 30 minutes Tiesto came on and everyone lost it.

Now I watched his Elements of Life DVD and didn't like it at all. I haven't listened to trance in sooo long, as I am a pure house head now, but being there at his show, I began to love trance again! He played a few old songs, songs from Elements and a lot of songs my friends said must have been new, but sounded AMAZING!

This went on until 3:30 when we had to rush to literally get the last free bus tickets to Shibuya so we could get home! We grabbed the tix for 4AM went back to drink then caught the bus home...

SUCH an amazing night!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hahaha interesting...

So a while back, Sayaka and I got a new neighbor. Now a neighbor in Japan means nothing besides "Hey I see and hear someone every now and then next to my apartment!". Well at least in my experience thus far. Well the guy who moved in is an older gentleman, as we saw him smoking on his balcony one night.

Well last night I get home after seeing a LOT of police (5 - 7) arresting an older man at the 7-11 near my apartment. I noticed my neighbor's light was off (hardly ever off) and all night and morning it was quiet. Well today again, the light was off and it is still quiet...

Was my neighbor arrested for something?

I am on the eve of probably one of the busiest weekends I will ever have.

Going to see Tiesto in Tokyo tomorrow night with my concert buddy Ryan M. It starts at 11PM and who knows when it will end... After that we crash at his bud's place, and then I am going to try to see Yokohama when I wake up. So I will part ways and do some sight seeing. That night, we may check out Womb, since it is a very popular club in Japan, hopefully good house music is playing! Then I have to take the day bus back to Nagoya Monday at 12:30, arriving in Nagoya at 6PM.

I smell the tiredness already!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Didn't play football, but had a hell of a time!

This is from last weekend! I MAY or may not get to this weekend tonight. But it was a busy fun day yesterday! Still relaxing after too much walking! Next week, Tokyo with Ryan to see Tiesto!

It rained and we were short by TOO many people who WOULD play football (more women and kids, then able bodied men), but we did have a nice hanami party/birthday party before the rain came! Most of the Japanese people left when it started, and foreigners replaced them!

We decided to hit up the karaoke booths for 3 hours after the party, where we all drank way tooo too much!

After that, an izakaya stop for more drinking, but this time with FOOD!

I will let the pics and vids do the talking!