Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween party fun!

Oh my damn was it fun! But pictures speak louder than words.

I wasn't a pirate, and also wasn't in a costume I was too proud of, but I had fun, and that was the bottom line!

Please laugh and have fun!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Work is... interesting this week.

But I won't share that here.

Anyways we are doing a pirate theme for Halloween this year, and it will be my first time dressing up as a non-vampire or ninja, so I will feel out of place. Oh, I also havent dressed up since 7th grade, where I walked around all day with the coolest damn Darth Vader mask anyone has EVER seen, but, I had my normal clothes on under for the effect. I got so much praise that day for some odd reason, but goes to show how cool you are if you have a good Darth Vader mask...

Since I am ergonomically uncomfortably big for Japan, I have to make my own pirate costume. This will be interesting... I will have pics here eventually and be scared when I do. Hopefully I do a good job sewing...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So my internet came back up sooner...

Now for the FUN!

Went to the zoo, bowling alley and yakitori resteraunt on Sunday. I planned the zoo trip a month ago and it morphed into everything it ended up being within the last week. The zoo turnout was amazing, seeing as how it was RAINING! One of my students even brought her 1.5 year old daughter! We had about 17 people! Because of the rain, the animals were pretty lazy and we saw a lot of sleepy or sleeping animals, but a lot of us had fun! After the zoo, we lost a few people before we went bowling...

We had an hour and a half wait before we could bowl, so we did air hockey, some arm wrestling game, table tennis, and the girls did a round of purikura. When it came time for bowling, I was able to see exactly how much our students could have with us, if only our school would let us. Everyone was laughing and in the heat of friendly competition with our scores. My first game was awesome, with a score of 98, next game was like 61... One of the girls with us, on the other lane, bowled a 104, then a 138!!! WTH!!! She got her respect from everyone!

After this we headed to yakitori for food and drink. We met up with the head teacher and she walked us to the place. It was very cool and 4000 yen for 1 full course and all we can drink. So all of us, staff and students, started drinking, but of course I drank too much! The cocktails were in a cup about 6 inches tall, and I had 10 of them, all made to be strong... The students, as a result, got free Spanish lessons, I raced one of them in drinking, and was done with my third for the race, when he got to halfway done with his second, I did some stupid "Ma-ji-de-de-ji-ma-ma-ji-de-ji-ma" thing with my arms that someone taught us, and it was recorded, I hit my head on the table behind me when SOEMONE tried tickling me (I honestly don't know who it was...), made plans to take a group of them to go to my fav bar with good mexican food and after all was said and done, EVERYONE had such a good time!!!

I really enjoyed this weekend, with the good and bad that came with it. I will put up the pics as soon as I upload them, since I haven't even done that yet!

Highlight of the weekend...

When I was telling my students that hares are like rabbits, the male starts mounting the female, and the first step in the circle of life took place...

I was talking to a students about the difference between reptiles and amphibians when Atsushi tells me to look at some turtles, who were in the middle of the first step of the circle of life... I took pics...

I LOVED that everyone showed up to the zoo, even though it rained the whole time we were there! I see this as more of a help for the school, than a hurt to it. To bad I am semi alone in this (the other teachers agree with me...)
I became good friends with one of my students 12 year old son, because I could sing/hum the Japanese theme songs to Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT, and talk to him about it in English/Japanese. He got the impression that I was fluent in Japanese and would hang with me for the whole day speaking Japanese! I thought it was cool and only wished I was able to understand and respond to him!

Woke up with a bad stomach after drinking and "I Love Lucy" was on!!! Unfortunately it was the last time they were showing it for now, and now they will show Bewitched, which I guess is cool, just not I Love Lucy cool!

I coulda caught a Green Bay Packer game EARLY this morning if I didnt have work today. Came on at 1:10AM. Well at least I know I can watch Monday Night Football on Wednesday mornings at 1:10am...

Until next time, I look forward to the next event. Halloween is coming so expect stories about Halloween week and the party, where myself and students will dress up... Should be fun!


Now I have a link to the pictures! Hope you guys enjoy them!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Look at this space soon!

Life has been fun this past weekend. Good and bad things, but here are some highlights before the full scoop...

Field trip with students to go to zoo was RAINED out.

Rabbit having sex

Turtles having sex

Bowling in Japan

Drinking 10 glasses of cocktails... LARGE glasses (and vowing to give up drinking for a LOOONG time...)

Come back for details later...