Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am going back to California!

I am officially going back to California for a day shy of 2 weeks!

I got my tix and everything confirmed!

I will be flying NWA (no Dr. Dre, Cube, Yella, Eazy?) from Nagoya, to Narita, Narita to Los Angeles on December 21st. Then the reverse on January 3rd, giving me over 24 hours to sleep off the jet lag! Maybe this time I wont fall asleep on my students!

I am about to order one of the coolest Halloween costumes for this year! Since I have been in Japan, I have spent more money on Halloween than EVER! I actually like it here!

My friends and I (The Undercats) are getting gigs! Shane DJed at Domina last night and it was amazing! They want him to do it monthly now! All of us landed a gig at Maverick, a new club in Nagoya! It is HUGE and we will take the side room, which is larger than most of our fav clubs in Nagoya! Nice!

My 32gb 2G iPod touch will arrive in 2 days! Soooo happy!

Ryan and I will trade turntables for midi controller for a couple weeks! He wants to start producing, I want to get better at mixing! NICE!

It is starting to get cold and I hate IT! I always feel sick, even though I am not sick!

Some idiot parked their bike sooo close to my bike, and now their pedal is stuck in my spokes, and I can't get either bike loose! It sucks, because now I have to leave earlier to make it to work on time! Plus it has been raining...

Oh well, still enjoying life!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is this really Engrish...

... if it comes from England?

Don't wear red when eating this!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its not the cold that makes me feel bad, its the medicine!

At work now, 4 more classes till I can go home and die!


Friday, September 12, 2008

So I haven't posted for a while, a lot has happened!

So yeah, been busy!

1. Started DJing at what I thought was a stable DJ gig, but turned out the Turkish mafia (what I will call them until proven otherwise) was behind things, so we quit 2 nights ago.

2. Nearly broke up with my girlfriend. Not going into details, but we are working on it now, and it seems OK for now.

3. Bought tickets to Ganban Night! Wait until my posts after this event. I am stating it here now. This will be the best night of my LIFE! Google it!

4. Getting back into music production, and I have the tools I need to go forward with it the way I want!

5. Awaiting the call from the local Apple store to get the new iPod Touch 2G 32GB! I love electronics!

6. Have a chance to DJ at what is now Nagoya's largest club. Gotta love obscure connections!

7. Once Star Wars Force Unleashed releases next week, I will order it, Mercenaries 2, Infinite Undiscovery, and MAYBE Tiger Woods 09.

Other than these past events, the Tokai area of Japan (where I live) is expecting a HUGE earthquake tomorrow! So friends and family, IF you hear about a huge earthquake in Japan (there have been a lot lately huh?), THIS will be the time to actually worry about me. Not when there is a quake in China, Okinawa or Hokkaido, this one will be the one to worry about me. Wish me luck, otherwise, I will be out clubbing after work, quake or not!

Monday, September 01, 2008

First DJ show over! I rockstar partied this weekend!

And I slept all day today to make up for it!

After DJing, drinking and partying until past 6AM at our new club (we are now officially the resident DJs there!!!), I made it home, got a couple hours of sleep, headed to see my student's team dance, but I couldn't find her:( I did call her and talk to her and let her know I was trying, but by the end of the day, I never saw her:( Later in the night, we had a "farewell" party and welcome party, which saw us drinking until 2 something, then dancing at a club for free for 30 minutes. It was fun!

Got home at 3AM this morning, and have been sleeping on and off all day! I am already sleepy again though! Oh well, I will be preparing for next week's DJ shenanigans!

Check out how the show worked out at The Undercats!