Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And I'd like to thank...

...the United States and California government for providing me with nearly 1200 U.S. dollars in tax returns. You have just funded my trip back to Cali . Thanks!

Monday, February 26, 2007

It took 25 years...

This will be short and sweet, but will get updated soon.

I spent 25 years of my life in Southern California, being raised, and never got any press or spots in a magazine. I spend 8 months in Japan, and they throw me up in a magazine!!! It is an ad for my school and the pic is pretty big. I forgot to grab a free copy from my manager, but will do so on Tuesday and post up the pics.

Next stop, Bollywood!


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Robots are taking all of our jobs!!!

So you know some low IQ people in "civilized" countries, blame lack of jobs on immigration, because most migrant workers will work longer, harder, and cheaper than your average native resident. Well Japan is in trouble. If they don't do something about this, no one will have a job in a few years!

OK so I am talking about an odd sight I witnessed today. After my day of working on my new business venture, I was being dropped off at the train station and noticed a man directing traffic due to construction. As we got closer to the man I noticed something strange. The man appeared lifeless in the face.

I know, so how did I know something was out of the normal despite that?

His arm kept moving up and down at an unnatural pace, and the lights just seemed to reflect off him more than your average human. So when we were right up on it, I was finally able to notice, that the local neighborhood traffic guard, was a robot. I WISH I had my camera with me, but I can always try my best to go back and snap a few pics.

Total # of robots I have seen in Japan, replacing a humans job: 1

America is soooo conservative!!!

You know when you get junk mail in the states, you get stuff for student loans, consolidations, dry cleaning, restaurants, etc., but things are a LOT different here!

I am very comfortable with the differences that Japan has with America, and I really wish more Americans knew what kind of country this is. So I am doing my part, by sharing my junk mail with you guys. Here is what I collected in the last 2 days:

If you look closely you can see some rather "explicit things" for American stomachs, but perfectly normal fair for a Japanese mailbox.

I always hated this national past time back home, but now I always have a surprise when I open up the box weekly!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

So yeah still busy, but here is why

So I have taken on a little side job on Sundays involving computer tech support, DVD production, and graphic/web design, and this will be keeping me out of my house and off of the computer even MORE than regular life is. But it is all to build my future life in Japan after teaching, which is my ultimate goal. As things come out and become a little more solid I will have more details, as they come...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So I have been quiet lately...

... and for NO good reason. Haven't been running out with my camera much, but some interesting things HAVE been happening, I just usually like including pics with them.

Went out to lunch with some students last weekend and took them to Hard Rock Cafe and we all ate SOOO MUCH. After that a few of us walked down to Nagoya station and parted ways then I went to exchange some ram I bought for my laptop at Bic, because the guy who sold it to me and I couldn't communicate well enough to realize I had the wrong part. But now I am up to 2GB, happy times.

Today I am off to go meet up with a fellow foreigner from Los Angeles, and spend a little time in his music studio.

Sorry there are no pics or anything, just wanted to get up a brief update, on the life of Tommy. Things are still beyond awesome and I can't complain. Hell even work is going great and next week is super lax, because I teach between 1 - 3 classes a day! CAN'T WAIT!