Friday, November 10, 2006

Wish me luck...

Going to a Playstation 3 lotto tomorrow... I need the luck!


I got no PS3, but gained 3 new friends who speak NO English AND I am going to a monkey park tomorrow!!!!

Well, it was worth a try!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Food: Part 1 - Turkish

I have discovered Turkish food...

To be honest, it isn't MUCH different from Armenian food (Zankou Chicken) but the restaurant I went to just finished my love for this place.

I was walking around my neighborhood for exercise and just to learn about my area a bit more. I saw my fav curry house CoCo Ichiban, and an Indian food place, but the subject of this post was a Turkish place I didn't bother getting the name of! (May be updated with name tonight, I am going again tonight)

So the place is totally decked in Turkish art which makes my want to go to Istanbul even greater (I had always wanted to go to Istanbul since some time in college, can't remember what brought it on, but I wanna go!!!!). When I got there, there were 2 people there, done with their food, and sippin several tiny glasses of Chai tea. The chef/owner is Turkish, married to a Japanese woman, and only speaks Turkish and Japanese, so things were interesting.

The menu was in Japanese katakana, so I could read it, BUT, it was in Turkish, so I couldn't understand it!!! So I asked the chef what EVERYTHING was on the appetizer list and ordered some garlic yogurt (can't remember the name, I am sure someone out there knows) and ordered a chicken kabob.

When the food came it was just physically appealing. The kebabs came on these Turkish sword skewers and had a plate of veggies and a half loaf of this AWESOME bread to go with it. I devoured it in like 10 mins! I needed more and grabbed some Turkish ice cream, my first time experiencing this. Now this is when things got funny. I thought the chef seemed a little slow and sluggish, so what happened next, totally played on my wrong assumption. After he got my ice cream in a cone he walked over, and said the ice cream was for me in Japanese, then it looked like he was going to drop it on me!!! But he flips it over his hand and catches it, presenting it to me, damn near making me pee on myself, and have a heart attack. When I realized it was his shtick, as he smiled, I started laughing hard. The ice cream is like VERY sticky, to the point of needing to cut it with your tongue or teeth to pull it apart from itself. After the ice cream, he gave me some free Chai tea, that took about 15 minutes to make, but it was worth it! It was AWESOME!!!

The food was awesome, atmosphere and prices were awesome, and overall just a good place! I will try to take some pics when I go tonight!

Anyone who visits me, I HAVE to go here, just so you know!!!