Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer is here, and I am alive!

Just realized my last post was the day of the great Tohoku area quake. No I didn't die, but with the crazy people saying the world will end tomorrow, my time, I may not have much time left...

Anyways, after the traditionally cold as hell winters here in Japan, the weather is finally to the point where I need to sleep with the windows open AND the fan on. AKA, I am in love!

I am about 3 months from my last day in Japan, which is September 1st, and I am having some slight regrets.

Not sure if the reason I decided to leave was right, but maybe just a knee jerk reaction post break up. Whatever the case, I have no clear idea of what I really want to do. Many companies that hire in France want younger than 30 year olds, and yep, guess who turns 30 next month? Several million people, but me also. Also the visa process for people wanting to just TRY to go find work is STRICT in France. Yeah I can go settle on Spain or Italy, but I have NEVER been one to just settle (see the fact that I am single). If I go back to Cali, I have an ALMOST guarantee job at Blizzard in Irvine, which would make a lot of people jealous, but is it what I really want to do? Not sure right now. I have also been getting a lot of things entering my life recently like DJing bigger and better events, my name going around the DJ circles, cute girls I have been staying in touch with (I am a sucker for a cute face/nice body... Look where that got me with the ex...) and with the change in climate and season, I am reminded of what I love the most about Japan... SUMMER!

Beaches, festivals, beer gardens, kids and adults setting of fireworks on the streets, firework festivals, lots of fun music festivals and wearing lighter clothing! It is pre rain season, so I say all of this now, plus the cicada aren't out and about yet, but these are things I absolutely love about Japanese summers. I will be leaving right at the tail end of it, which is kind of perfect in many ways.

I am already feeling sad thinking about leaving behind some good friends I have made in the past few months, let alone my almost 2 years in Yokohama/Kawasaki and previous 3 in Nagoya. One of my best foreign friends may be moving to LA to be with his girlfriend, which would be dope since we DJed together in Nagoya, now we can do it on my home turf? Yes please!

I am never one to quit, so I will keep pursuing my chance to go to France, and prosper there like I did here. I love challenges!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The last 5 years have been fun, but my time in Japan is coming to a close...

You read that right. I turned down my renewal offer, and instead of look for more in Japan, I am deciding to move to Lyon, France, to teach, and do typical cool Tommy things while learning a new language and culture, again!

I will explain my reasons once I leave Japan, but I will try to keep this updated with my remaining 5 months or so here.

Thanks to the 6 people who read this and giving me a reason to keep my first ever blog!