Sunday, April 23, 2006

Well I promised pics from my 2004 trip to Tokyo and more info. I deliver 1/2 of that...

...and oddly I deliver on the one that took more time, but will be more interesting to people reading. The pictures. I am really tired today after filming a video for our final for Japanese 2 class. This one went MUCH better than last semesters, and it is WAY funnier! Plus our teacher wants us to submit it to the local university Japanese language presentation contest. So this will be seen by a LOT of people...

I swear I have A.D.D., so here is a link to the pics!

Tokyo, Japan 2004 with Mark, Phong and Tommy!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My first post, and it is officially 3.5 months until I leave!

I am officially an employee of Aeon Corporation. Got the job offer on March 3rd and accepted it on the 6th. I will be living and working in Nagoya, Japan as a conversational English teacher (they are referred to as eikawa). I will be working in Chikusa in the MIDDLE of a business/corporate district, which from the look of the maps and pictures I have looked at, it looks VERY busy! I still have no clue where my apartment (provided to me with a subsidized rent) is located, but I was told no more than 20 - 30 mins from my school.

This is very exciting to me because I have always lived in small areas in Southern California (Born in Chino, moved to Chino Hills, moved to Alta Loma, then to Ontario, now I am in Irvine. Ever heard of any of those?), and I can't wait to live right in the midst of all of the action. Hopefully I can stay out of trouble! Anyways just making my first official post to get the basic information out. About to go see Silent Hill with my 2 best friends who I went to Japan with 2 years ago. When I get back I will have a mini review, plus have links to pictures from the forementioned Japan trip, plus a little more info on me. Until later, ja mata!