Thursday, March 29, 2007

School Bowling Tournament 2007!!!

Several months ago I took a bunch of students out bowling, and everyone seemed to have a great time, regardless of skill level. When asked what should we do for a good social event, the management asked me (the OFFICIAL party/event planner for my school) what should we do. The first thing that came to mind was bowling, and no one seemed to disagree, so the plan was set. Which leads us to this past Sunday...

I began my day by going to my school to prepare for Tuesday's class, shocking our new assistant manager, that I am not as huge as my suit makes me appear to be (I need to get new suits...), and having my head teacher be amazed at all of the blue camo Bape stuff I had on (I still need more!).

Made a quick run to the soon-to-be new office for this company I am cofounding and helped hoist some wood to the third floor. I was on the third floor, someone else on the second, and the other co founder on floor one, just transferring the wood from the truck, to the second floor, then to me. When I saw the amount of wood I thought it would take an hour or so, but we knocked it out in 20 minutes or so.

I headed to Fit House to check on this Casio G Shock Titanium watch I really want, so I could kill a few minutes before the event, until I saw a group of students walk by. As I walked out I saw my manager in plain clothes, which is always a shock, and he was again shocked at me in plain clothes. We both headed up to the 8th floor to the bowling alley to see a few students have already made it, and we had to wait no more than 5 minutes for 100% of the attending group to make it.

We had our first teams made and had a few throws for practice before game 1. My team, being 2 girls, insisted I go first for the practice run, so I grab my favorite 10 lber and knock down 9 pins, then pick up the spare. Then the good ole Tommy Curse set in. When the lane tried to set the next pins for the next bowler, they kept falling as soon as the gate would lift. This happened about 20 times, killing time for my team to practice, and forcing us to move to a new lane for game 1.

Game 1

I didn't do too well. I think I got about 111 or so, which is pretty sad for me (well when you are inconsistent all of the time, it is hard to keep a good average up) and my other teammates did much better than they expected, which I was proud of. I was especially proud of one of my students who was so adamant she was horrible and she got her score in the 70s, which was all she wanted that game. After this game, they lined everyone up from best to worst, and took people from opposite ends and moved them onto teams. Each team had to draw a team leader, being one of the staff members. I got set on a team that seemed unfair from what I saw. The 2 guys were consistently good, and the girl, said her best score ever was 35, and she bowled a 90 in game 1, so she was on a roll. So game 2 began.

Game 2

I swear it isn't my day... I bowled a 98, the 2 other guys did 160 something and 170 something, and the girl, yeah, a 119. Regardless, it was enough for my team to be declared winner of the whole thing! We won 1000 yen Starbucks cards that I got to present to the team. Afterwards, every person who came got a folder signed by every teacher, which some students were REALLY happy to get, to my surprise. So tournament done, what do we do now? What anyone does in Japan after a group event...IZAKAYA!!!

We lose about 3 people and everyone else pretty much makes it to the night of eating and drinking. It was a fun night filled with drinking, laughing and loads of pictures (on my part). One of my students actually came around 10:30 or so after she got off of work, but I was just leaving so didn't get to hang with her too much, I felt bad.

Overall another fun event with the school and I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Found out everyone pretty much left before last train, and didn't get much sleep that night, but I know they had fun!

Check out the pictures, to see how much fun bowling is in Japan!


Marcus said...

Damn dude you have lost weight!!! Nice pics. And hit me on msn more often...